U.S. Only | Cleaning Kit Price | $19.77

( Dirty / Faded / Stained )    
Outside U.S. | Cleaning Kit Price | $39.77

Boot Manna™ is the original wheat boot cleaner!

Boot Manna™ is not just a cleaner, but it is a complete cleaning kit. It is your best choice for cleaning those dirty, faded, stained wheat colored boots.

What Does Boot Manna Do?
Cleans, Restores and Revitalizes wheat colored boots back to life!

We know that the purchase was an investment, and Boot Manna™ will continue to keep your boots healthy.

Why Should I Order Boot Manna?
We are the experts when it comes to wheat colored boots. It was developed in a shoe shop by Dr.Shine a master in cleaning suede and leather footwear. He has over 20 years of shoe care experience.

Let our years of experience help keep your wheat colored boots at their best.


Questions or Concerns?
Contact: Dr.Shine 336-333-9785
Hours: 10am-5pm


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